The Pirate Listeners at Concerto Köln

Together with the cellist and music pedagogue, Alexander Scherf, project “Pirate Listeners” was launched at the beginning of the year 2012. The project encompasses various programs for children and youth, the key component being the regular kids concerts that take place in the orchestra's rehearsal rooms. The aim of these concerts is to provide young listeners with a musical experience and to help them become aware of the rich expressiveness classical music has to offer. By providing age-appropriate background information concerning the composers and their environment, Concerto Köln wishes to awaken interest and enthusiasm for the fascinating realm of “early music”. For “Concerto Köln goes to school”, the orchestra leaves its home turf, specifically seeking contact with students in their daily learning environment. The music teachers of the participating schools collaborate with Alexander Scherf to develop a lesson that is subsequently implemented in their respective schools. Specifically for this purpose, a rather sizable instrumental stockpile consisting of percussion and small-sized violins was amassed. With the help of professional musicians, this project assists school teachers with the practical aspect of their musical instruction.

tl_files/Themes/ConcertoKoeln/images/pfeil_klein.jpg  Schülerkonzerte im Heliosturm

tl_files/Themes/ConcertoKoeln/images/pfeil_klein.jpg  Die Hörpiraten entern die Schule

tl_files/Themes/ConcertoKoeln/images/pfeil_klein.jpg  Speak! - Mozarts Requiem für Stimme

tl_files/Themes/ConcertoKoeln/images/pfeil_klein.jpg  JugendBarockOrchester