MBL – The Leading High End Audio Specialist


Concerto Köln has been a long-standing partner of MBL Acoustic Equipment GmbH & Co. KG since October 1st 2009. For over 30 years, MBL has ranked among the leading High End Audio specialists and has played a key role in the development of the Hi-Fi and High End Audio field. On a musical level, Concerto Köln found a suitable partner in that both the company and the orchestra share common goals and values: “MBL is ecstatic about this partnership because we have found a kindred spirit in Concerto Köln. We have a similar philosophy and on a musical level, Concerto Köln follows the same goals as we do on a technical-musical level, namely through hand-crafted perfection and a passion to awaken emotions in the listener.” This collaboration, however, is also of prime importance for Concerto Köln confirmed here by Werner Matzke: “To be able to listen to our music on an MBL device is an incomparable listening experience: it's as if you take Concerto Köln together with the best concert hall and bring them both into your living room.”